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Why Using an Internet Leased Line for Businesses Is Recommended?

In the present-day world, you may find various small and big businesses that have emerged and come into existence. Establishing as well as making your organisation grow require several things – right from capital investment or funding to renting a location, hiring employees and others. Figuring out the correct place for expanding a company/business and making the same flourish may be a challenging task. Moreover, today’s technological advancement has made many businesses turn towards online mode. In simpler words, such businesses are thoroughly dependent on the internet. Almost all SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) around the world are exploring as well as bringing out distinct opportunities with the assistance of strong internet connectivity. However, the world of the internet is even filled with considerable drawbacks and flaws. And when secure and strong internet connectivity comes to play, then an internet leased line network deserves mention. Discussed here are what is a leased line and how it functions, along with the important benefits that it has to offer you. 

Leased line connection – What is it?

On coming across the term “internet leased line”, you may wonder what it is. Note that it is a reliable communication service that perfectly connects 2 or more sites. In simpler terms, an internet leased line is the connection between the consumer or business and the internet service provider based on the SLA (service level agreement). Through this dedicated network line, the data constantly flows from one end to another with ease. Note that the internet service provider endows a fixed rate upon such connection based on the monthly data flow. 

You will mostly find that an internet leased line is extensively used for nearly all the internet, telephone, and data services. A dedicated internet leased line network comes with the optic fibre cable to hold the potential of delivering a high-end quality connectivity bandwidth and speed. Nonetheless, you must know that internet-leased network connectivity is commonly used for – 

  •       Establishing an internet connection
  •       Conducting and placing phone calls
  •       Making it easy for employees and other office staff to simply work from home using their personal computers
  •       Establishing a good connection and link between servers and computers in distinctive workspaces 

How does an internet leased line function?

By now, you have an idea that an internet leased line is bestowed with optic fibre cable. The optic fibre cable is functional, making it possible for the data to flow easily by sending swift light pulses and data at light speed. The internet service provider of internet leased lines makes it possible to deliver a bidirectional line for the purpose of telecommunication, allowing you to establish connectivity between 2 or more locations. 

Distinct businesses need consistent and strong internet connectivity, bandwidth, and speed to increase their business processes. Other businesses entirely depend on remote and telecommuting employees to access the office apps and provide the correct data to other important sources. Thus, if your enterprise is searching for quick and seamless connectivity, then an online leased line network will serve you just right.

Leased line connection – What are the distinct options available in the market?

By now, you must have understood what an internet leased line is and how it functions along with its distinct functionalities. Basically, there are 2 significantly reliable and dedicated leased lines that you may find with internet service providers. These include – 

  •       Site to site data connectivity
  •       Site to network connectivity

An internet leased line has distinct options as they considerably fall into specific dedicated categories. The various leased line options include – 

Ethernet in the first mile or EFM

EFM is even known as Ethernet broadband. It is a connection that delivers data to organisations or businesses via the old-age copper network, thus offering complete fibre ethernet connectivity. EFM uses aggregated pairs of copper to offer seamless connectivity. This means as there are numerous copper connectivities so that, in case one fails to perform, then the other may take over to come into action. 

Such types of internet leased lines are utilised by those companies that do not hold a cabinet of fibre. The speed of the connectivity subsides automatically. Nonetheless, it comes at a relatively lower price than other leased line connectivity options, with the service provided being symmetrical in nature with dedicated SLAs (service level agreements) and resilience assurance. 

Complete fibre

A full or complete fibre connection is called an Ethernet access direct or fibre Ethernet. The speed, performance and bandwidth of such connectivity are massive and are addressed by the name daddy of internet connectivity. This is a kind of superfast and direct ethernet network with optical fibre connections. It connects the optical fibre from specific business locations with complete dedication to the internet service provider, thus delivering a speed of as high as 1 Gbps. Such an internet leased line connection may be costly as it endows the fastest internet speed possible and also quick resolutions in case of any issue faced. 

Ethernet over FTTC

This is the same as ethernet in the first mile; however, it comes at an extremely lower cost in comparison. The cables consist of a blend of dedicated fibre and copper. Companies, businesses, or organisations extensively use such leased line connectivity to access local cabinets that are fibre based. Note that there are high chances prevalent that the connectivity speed may drop as well as disrupt owing to the distance of the business from the local cabinet. 

Internet leased line – how fast can this connectivity be?

By now, you know the answer to the question, i.e., what an internet leased line is, so you must even know how swift the speed of it is. Any guesses? This is the fastest internet connection you can opt for. 

While using a broadband connection, you will see that the asymmetric optic fibres will endow you with maximum download speed than upload speed, more a less below 100 Mbps. This is owing to the reason that the broadband connectivity is asymmetric, and it contends. Also, there is a high chance that the bandwidth and speed may exceedingly fluctuate, particularly during peak hours.   

On the contrary, a dedicated optic fibre internet leased line has an exceedingly fast speed. The leased line connection is uncontended and symmetrical in nature. So, in case you have a business based in Mumbai or any other city, then ensure to select the best internet service provider in Mumbai or the respective city your business is located. Note that your service provider must offer a prudent leased line connection that fits your budget and organisational requirements. Ensure to strike a comparison among various internet service providers in Mumbai to zero in on the best one.

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