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What’s Best – Zinc or Titanium Oxide Mineral Based Sunscreen?

If you’ve done any kind of research into sunscreens, you’ll most probably already know that mineral based sunscreen is easily the best option for UV protection. However, did you know that there are different types of mineral sunscreen? Look along your supermarket aisle and you’ll see products that use zinc oxide and titanium oxide. 

So, the obvious question here would seem to be – which one is best? Which one gives you and your family the best possible protection against UV rays? That’s precisely what we aim to give you answer to here and by reading on you’ll find out. 

Zinc Oxide Versus Titanium Mineral Based Sunscreen

When you look deeper into the subject, you soon discover that of the two, it’s zinc oxide that provides a lot more protection than its titanium counterpart. The reason for this is it’s able to absorb much more in the way of UV light than titanium dioxide. So, why is that? Well, zinc oxide in mineral based sunscreen offers low photoreactivity. 

The result of this is that its more stable when exposed to sunlight. Titanium oxide, however, does react to a degree in sunlight. This means that the sun can more easily break the formula down, exposing the skin underneath more quickly. The upshot of this is a sunscreen that doesn’t quite offer the same level of protection as a zinc oxide Result product.

Zinc Oxide Is the Superior Option

According to the FDA, zinc oxide is the best integredient to have in your sunscreen. It’s considered to be the safest type of sunscreen UV filter on the market. As such, when you include in your daily life, you get a super-gentle option that will keep your skin looking young, healthy and free of dark spots. 

Wearing sunscreen helps to:

  • Keep moisture locked in to the skin to prevent dryness
  • Reflect away all types of UVA rays (UVA/UVB/UVC)
  • Dramatically decrease your chances of developing skin cancer
  • Prevents the misery and pain of sunburn

It goes without saying that some kind of sunscreen is needed, so it’s obviously better to use titanium oxide products than nothing at all. This article looks at the fine lines between the different products that you as a consumer need to be aware of. 

Zinc Oxide Mineral Based Sunscreen Wins Hands Down

So, as we can see, zinc oxide seems to be the best option. With this information at hand, you can now make a more informed decision about the sun protection products you buy. While titanium dioxide products do offer good protection, its zinc oxide that provides the all-around protection that you need to protect your family. 

What you do with this info is your prerogative, but the obvious answer would seem to be to switch right now. The longer you leave it, the longer your skin will be exposed to UV rays more than it should be. It’s all about degrees here, but you obviously want the best and the best is Zinc oxide.

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