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Tips for Getting New Instagram Followers Daily

Instagram is a great way to connect with other people and promote your brand, but it can be tough to build up an audience on the platform. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can boost your number of active Instagram followers through organic means.

In order to gain new followers on a daily basis, it’s important to make sure you have new content going live all the time. And in addition to going live with new content, it’s important to include hashtags and captions in your posts as well.

Keep reading for my best tips on how to attract more users organically and grow your Instagram following daily!

Create a persona

There are a lot of different ways to get new followers on Instagram. The first step is to create a persona that fits with your brand and use it consistently. This doesn’t mean you have to be fake or super serious all the time, but it does mean that if you want people who love dogs in your feed and follow other dog accounts, then post pictures of dogs! If you’re an artist who paints abstract landscapes and posts photos every day at noon, then stick with this schedule and make sure they all fit within the same theme (i.e., nature).

Create hashtags for each photo series so people can easily find all related photos at once; this makes them more likely to engage with those posts too!

Pay attention to your hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to find new people, and they can help you reach new audiences. They can also help you connect with influencers in your niche, who may be interested in following your account because their audience would be interested in your content as well.

Hashtags are also a great way to find new content, especially if you’re looking for images or videos that aren’t getting much engagement on Instagram (and thus won’t show up under “recently posted”). For example, if I wanted some tips on how I could improve my fitness routine and eat healthier meals, I might search for hashtags like “fitness” or “nutrition”–or even just the names of specific brands like @yogurtlandusa!

Engage with other accounts

Engage with other accounts and always make sure you are engaging with the Instagram community is a great way to get more followers, and it’s also a good way for you to find people who will be interested in your content. You can find similar accounts by searching for hashtags related to your niche or industry, then browsing through their profiles and following them if they’re relevant. To further increase engagement, comment on their posts and engage with their audience by asking questions about what they’re posting or sharing something from one of their recent posts that resonates with you (this helps build trust).

Once you find an account that fits this description–and make sure it’s not just because they have a lot of followers–you should try inviting them to collaborate on a post together! This could mean taking turns sharing each other’s content every week; exchanging ideas for new types of content; creating videos together; etc..

When collaborating with someone else on social media platforms like Instagram where there are lots of opportunities for promotion within each post (such as tags), having several people involved makes sense because it increases visibility across multiple networks simultaneously without requiring any additional effort from either party involved besides agreeing upon terms beforehand.”

Don’t use bots or software

The use of bots and software is not only a violation of Instagram’s terms of service, it’s also bad for your account.

We recommend that you don’t use bots or software to gain followers, they will be automatically unfollowed after a few days or weeks. This means that you’ll have to keep buying new followers over and over again if you want to maintain an active following on Instagram–and that gets expensive!

Always be social on Instagram.

  • Always be social on Instagram.
  • Engage with other accounts.
  • Don’t use bots or software to get followers, it’s considered spam by the community and could get you banned from Instagram if they catch you!


We hope this article has helped you understand how to get new Instagram followers daily. If you want more tips on how to use Instagram for your business, we have lots of information in our blog!

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