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Things To Consider When Buying An Air Track Mat

An air track mat is an essential piece of equipment for any gymnast looking to add variety to their routine. It is a large sheet of flexible fabric that sends a tube of air underneath, enabling you to glide and jump on top without damaging your joints.

As can be seen, there is a diverse selection of Airtrack mats available. If you haven’t heard of the Airtrack mat before, it’s an inflatable mat that combines the qualities of a landing, a huge trampoline, a leaping castle, a gym, and a mini-trampoline into one convenient piece of equipment.

Air track mat can either be soft and flexible or, depending on the thickness and the barometric pressure fluctuation, they can be rigid and flexible. One of the numerous benefits of using Matt is that it is hermetically sealed and always kept at a perfect temperature.

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Everything manufactured out of high-quality PVC makes for a comfortable and risk-free leap. The height might range anywhere from one meter to eight meters, though.

Ranging from one meter to two meters in width. Because of this, it is strongly suggested that you take preliminary measurements of the area used by the mat to determine whether it will work for you.

We are sorry to hear that you have ordered a mat that will not work in the space you have chosen for it. The length of the air path is around 10-30 centimeters. It is important to pay attention to the length of the air track mat before jumping. In other words, the height of the jump is directly proportional to the height of the carpet.

The material used to make the mat comprises plastic, PVC, and tarpaulin. The tarps are watertight and can also be used as air track mats. You can choose between many vibrant hues, such as blue, green, purple, dark blue, pink, and light pink.

You also have the option of selecting mats that are made up of many colors, such as pink with gray borders. Rolling up multiple mats into one tall mat is yet another viable alternative. Here are some things to consider before buying an air track mat.

  • If you want to buy an air track mat, then you need to make sure that there is a place for it to go in your house. The color of the mat will also be a factor in your decision.
  • The length of your mat may determine how great of a shape you need to be while using the Airtrack mat. A taller person may need a longer air track mat, especially if they want to tumble or flip and jump off the end. You will also want a longer Airtrack mat if you would like to do certain exercises.
  • The width of the Airtrack mat will be determined by how many people are using it at a time. If you want to be able to jump with one or two other people on the mat, then you need to make sure that the width is adequate so that they will have enough room while they jump.
  • The depth of your mat is something else to consider before you buy an air track mat. This is since heat and light gain access through it. Therefore, if you have a sunny room, you should probably buy an air track mat with more depth to protect against sunlight exposure.
  • If you are purchasing an air track mat and have a place for it in your house, then you need to decide the height of the air track mat before you buy it. The height is usually measured in either feet or inches, with both units equally acceptable.
  • That being said, some people will go a little higher than others when deciding on the height of their mat. For example, a person under five feet tall might want a short air track mat on the order of three feet or less, while someone over six feet tall might want an air track mat around four feet tall.
  • The breadth of the air track mat is also a factor that you need to take into consideration. If you are planning on buying an air track mat, then it is important that you plan out your area beforehand to make sure that your new Airtrack Mat will fit with all of the furniture and other objects in your room.
  • Some people may want a taller mat, so they might want to make sure that the length of their air track mat is on par with how tall they are compared to others nearby.


We are so glad that you have taken the time to read our article, and we hope that you now feel inspired to make a purchase. A little preparation can go a long way when using your Airtrack Mat. The most important aspect would be the one listed above, which is having adequate space for the size of your mat.

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