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The Most Popular Mobile Games to Play In 2022

The mobile games industry is massive, dynamic, and constantly evolving. It’s also highly competitive: with new games released every day, developers need to come up with innovative new concepts and features to keep players engaged and interested. What’s more, the market for mobile games is growing at an incredible rate: In October 2018, NewZoo reported that the global mobile video game market had exceeded $50 billion in revenue for the year.

This article takes a look at the current state of the mobile games market here and offers some predictions about what might happen in 2022. We take a look at some of the most popular mobile games currently on offer as well as potential future hits.

2022 prediction: AR and VR games will be even more popular

As technology advances, we’ll see more and more augmented and virtual reality games. One of the most obvious developments in this area will be the growth in location-based VR games: Players will be able to enjoy immersive VR games by visiting special VR-enabled locations. In addition, we’ll see more VR games for the home.

VR headsets are becoming more sophisticated, and we could well see games that allow players to interact with avatars and explore virtual worlds from the comfort of their living rooms. We’ll also see more AR games. AR technology is advancing all the time, and we’re likely to see more games that let players interact with their real-world surroundings.

2022 prediction: More gaming on-the-go

One of the most notable trends in the mobile games industry is the growth in “gaming on the go”: People are playing games wherever they are, and on whatever device is most convenient. This is partly due to the growth of platforms such as smartphones and tablets, but also because people are spending more time on the move: we’re on public transport more than ever before, and it’s more common than ever to work from home. The growth of mobile gaming on the go will have a few implications for the industry

 Firstly, it’ll mean more games that can be played in small chunks of time: we’ll see fewer massively multiplayer online games, which require intensive sessions over days or weeks. Next, it’ll mean more games that use a subscription model: With the gaming experience now available whenever and wherever you want it, you’ll be able to subscribe to a wide range of games. This will mean that developers and publishers can count on a regular income stream, which will help them create better games.

2022 prediction: More focus on eSports

The rise of esports has been one of the biggest stories of the last few years. Today, fans can watch huge tournaments with millions in prize money, and games such as League of Legends and Overwatch have become global phenomena. Since mobile gaming is growing at such a remarkable rate, it’s likely that the eSports scene for mobile games will also expand.

We’re already seeing the first signs of this: In October 2018, the Splatoon 2 World Championship was held in California. And as more mobile games become more competitive, we could see more tournaments for mobile games. This is likely to increase the popularity of mobile games even further by not only engaging existing players but also bringing in new ones.

2022 prediction: Better AI and machine learning

As the technology behind mobile games improves, we’ll see more sophisticated bots and AI systems. This will allow players to enjoy more challenging gameplay experiences while also being able to control the difficulty. Not only that, but AI systems will be increasingly able to learn from their mistakes. This will mean that players can engage in games against bots that improve over time and are more challenging than ever before.

Next, machine learning will make it possible to create more realistic graphics and animations in games. This will likely be used to enhance the visuals in action-packed games such as first-person shooters and battle royales. Finally, machine learning could also be used to create more sophisticated storylines. We’re likely to see games that let the player decide the plot and outcome, making them more immersive than ever before.

2022 prediction: Better sound design and music

As technology improves and developers are able to spend more on developing games, we’ll see improvements in sound design and music. This could see the rise of “soundtracks as a service”: Developers will be able to regularly update the music and sound effects in their games to make them more immersive.

We’ll also see the rise of more interactive sound effects: With the technology available, sound designers will be able to make noises for different actions and environments as realistically as possible. This will give players a more realistic and immersive experience, which will further draw them into games.


When it comes to the future of mobile games, there are a few trends that we can expect to see more of. Firstly, we’ll see more gaming on the go: people will play on their smartphones and tablets at home, on public transport, and in other environments. We’ll also see more games that use subscription models, with developers creating regular content updates for their players. We can also expect to see more advanced AI and machine learning, better sound design and music, and overall growth in the popularity of mobile gaming.

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