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The Do’s and Donts of getting curtains

Curtains are one of the most essential parts of interior design. They are one of the most prominent features of a room therefore they need to be done right. It doesn’t matter if you own cheap curtains or expensive ones, it’s important that they must be arranged in the right way to fit your room.

You need to a mental note of a few things you need to take care of when getting your curtains and that will help you figure it out much easier. Here are a few Dos and Donts of getting curtains:

Dos: Measure your windows properly

While a rough measurement should seem okay for a curtain, it actually isn’t. Missing even an inch can result in a messy setup for your curtains. There are plenty of ways to measure curtains but the best way is to use a measuring tape and measure the length and width of your windows

Then, make a note of how high the window is from the floor. Your curtains need to be half an inch above the floor. The curtain rod is obviously higher than the window, so measure the distance between that and the point on the floor your curtains will touch. As for width, curtains should be around 3 inches wider than the curtains.

Don’t: Use little fabric for your curtains

Curtains are meant to be flowy and luscious, not thin. Using too little fabric for your curtains means they will have limited folds and end up looking like a sheet of fabric nailed to the wall by the window. It’s recommended to use x1.5 the width of the window for the fabric for luscious folds and heavy drapes.

Do: Use a curtain rod wider than the window

The curtain rod must always be wider than the window. Even if the curtains are pulled back, they will lay on the sides of the window, and not actually block it. Plus it’s a good idea because the wider curtain rods won’t allow any sunlight to seep through.

The wider your curtain rods, the bigger your windows appear to be which is good because it gives the room an airy and spacious feel.

Don’t: Hang up the wrong curtains for your window style

Like there are different styles of curtains, there are also many different window styles. Not all curtains suit all window styles. Having the wrong style of curtain for your window can backfire on you and end up looking weird 123musiq.ws.

Before choosing your curtains, it’s best to do some research on your curtain type and pick out the best curtain for you. Make sure to match the colors with your existing furniture.


Selecting a curtain isn’t as hard as getting the measurements right and identifying the best kind of curtain for your windows. With some research, you can easily find ways to do complex math for you. Light-colored curtains do well to give the room an airy appearance while dark tones are better for rooms that need to be dimly lit, like bedrooms, etc.

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