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Possible Reasons Why You Get Less Likes

The primary reason you receive fewer Instagram likes is your large number of ghost followers. Additionally, if you use hashtags in your postings, you may use incorrect hashtags. To resolve this issue, you must eliminate your ghost followers and use more effective hashtags.

Here are some reasons why your Instagram likes are decreasing and what you can do to restore them.

Your followers are apathetic  

You may decrease Instagram likes because your followers are no longer interested in your material. This occurs more frequently with corporate or theme accounts than personal accounts. Theme accounts specialize in a particular field (memes, travel, and quotations), while business accounts specialize in a specific product. Nevertheless, a personal account is managed by an individual who posts things about themselves (e.g., selfies). If your account is themed or commercial, some of your IG followers UK may no longer be interested in your content and unfollow you.

Consequently, your posts receive fewer likes. People rapidly lose interest in your material, so you should not take it personally. Initially, they may like your material, but they quickly lose interest. There is another option to buy likes Instagram UK if you have insufficient likes on your posts.

Since most of your followers are family and relatives, individuals are less likely to unfollow you if you have a personal account. The average interaction rate for the theme and corporate accounts is lower than for personal accounts. In contrast, corporate Instagram accounts are often perceived as spammy due to their prominent advertisements since people are naturally interested in following the lives of their friends and relatives.

Lower engagement rate

Additionally, you may not receive as many Instagram likes since some users lack time. Nobody has enough time to appreciate every single post on their feed. Further, some individuals may not utilize Instagram regularly. They may launch the application, like a few posts, and exit after a few minutes. Consequently, they may have missed your post.

You may now be asking, “How can I bring my post to the top of someone’s feed, so they don’t miss it?” To answer this question, you must understand Instagram’s algorithm. Whenever you post something, the most relevant followers (those most likely to engage with it) will see it first; as soon as more people like your post, your other followers (those less likely to engage with it) will see it. Most of your followers must like your post quickly for it to appear at the top of their feed.

Therefore, Instagram interaction is vital, as the more likes your post receives (in a short period), the higher it will appear in your followers’ feeds. If your engagement rate is low, your future posts will receive fewer likes than those with a high engagement rate.

Mundane content

On Instagram, poor content will result in fewer likes. So, what constitutes poor content? Insufficient content may result from a single reason (such as poor lighting) or a variety of factors (such as inconsistent themes and random photographs).

If you post a posting with poor lighting, others will be less likely to view it.

Consequently, your post will receive fewer likes and be seen by fewer people, and vice versa. Before posting anything, you should compare it to similar posts. This is the unfortunate truth of Instagram. It is important to publish content of higher quality to increase the number of likes you receive. Similarly, you must maintain a consistent theme throughout your posts. People are less likely to interact with posts where you have made little or no aesthetic or creative effort.

Improper use of hashtags

The use of ineffective hashtags will result in a considerable loss of interaction. Hashtags make your content more visible on social media. Several individuals use ineffective hashtags. For example, you will not receive many likes if you use popular hashtags such as #love or #happy. As a result, some hashtags have been overused for many years. Using these hashtags will likely receive less than five to ten likes.

Avoid ghost followers

Some individuals do not care to like things on their feeds. Consequently, the fault is not on your part but theirs. Unfortunately, such individuals are quite widespread on social media. Some individuals are so egotistical that they do not like the posts of others but want others to enjoy their postings. Other individuals are either too sluggish or disinterested in participating. These individuals are considered ghost followers, as well. These are the worst kind of Instagram users you should avoid.

You may be Shadowbanned

When the interaction on your most recent posts has decreased dramatically, you may be shadowbanned. A shadow ban prevents new users from seeing your posts. This indicates that your new posts will not appear in hashtag search results or explore pages. It is common for people to get shadowbanned by social media platforms like Instagram because of breaking one or more of their policies. Instagram applies a shadowban instead of permanently banning violators, which suspends the account’s account.

In addition to preventing undesirable information from escaping detection, shadowbanning keeps users on the platform. If you are shadowbanned, your most recent posts will receive a significantly lower number of likes.

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