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Keeping Data Centers At Optimal Temperatures with a Sustainable Solution

We rely heavily upon cooling systems, but we must be cognizant of their negative impact on our planet. The World Green Building Council uncovered that in buildings across the globe, heating and air conditioning units plus lighting fixtures are accountable for 28% of total CO2 emissions. Singapore is a prime example; they produce 20% of all carbon emissions from their structures alone.

As construction rates grow, the requirement for efficient and sustainable cooling solutions continues to escalate. Experts predict that in just 30 years from now, this need will triple! This is why Cooling as a Service (CaaS) has been gaining traction – it’s an intelligent choice for building owners who are seeking a green yet effective cooling system.

Ever wonder what Cooling as a Service is?

Cooling as a Service (CaaS) is revolutionizing the way building owners manage their cooling systems. Rather than purchase and manage it on their own, they can now take advantage of CaaS providers to subscribe to cooling services that bring an ultra-comfortable temperature inside the buildings while helping them save significantly on operational costs! Not only does this servitization model offer comfort and convenience, but also energy efficiency too – ensuring you get maximum value for your money.

Building operators can take advantage of the convenience provided by CaaS. With this service, you will no longer have to struggle with determining or sustaining the ideal cooling system that aligns with your environmental objectives. Instead, let your CaaS provider worry about it – all you need to do is pay for regarding usage! It’s a straightforward and eco-friendly solution – perfectly tailored to meet any building operator’s needs.

How CaaS brings sustainability to data centers

Compared to other cooling systems that rely heavily on hardware, CaaS offers an upgraded and resource-friendly route as it precisely regulates performance with the help of data, analytics, and AI. With its cutting-edge solutions for continuously monitoring conditions in real-time, CaaS delivers unparalleled indoor experiences tailored specifically to your needs.

CaaS providers offer a range of sustainable cooling solutions for data centers, such as the option to use a 100% solar energy chilled water system or recycled water chiller plants. These systems not only bring plenty of eco-friendly options for data centers but can also be used in other buildings, like malls, manufacturing plants, schools, office buildings and community centers.

Why do building owners opt for CaaS instead of traditional cooling systems?

Not only are conventional cooling systems pricey, but maintaining them is often the responsibility of building owners. This means that they must coordinate with multiple contractors for repairs or upkeep, which can be both a hassle and exasperating. Assigning diverse contractors to different components of the cooling system can make it infeasible to assign blame for system-wide issues.

Also, sustainability optimizations that would enhance the data center cooling system or other buildings are typically passed on due to the costly upfront charge they require.

In a nutshell

We must always be mindful of our environment, so it’s essential that we continually seek new methods to save energy. CaaS is a remarkable development in this regard. By using its solutions, cooling buildings becomes more efficient and environmentally friendly.

CaaS providers are diligently working to provide more eco-friendly and sustainable cooling solutions for building owners, aiming to create a revolution in the way that these services are provided. Such an advancement would be incredibly beneficial for everyone involved: people, businesses, and of course, our planet!

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