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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Growing Location for Your Cannabis Seeds 

Each year, thousands of people try growing marijuana outdoors, and most succeed. One of the main reasons they are successful is they choose the perfect grow location. The genetics of marijuana strains is basically ‘meant’ to thrive outdoors, relying on plenty of rain, natural soil, and a breeze for fresh air supply. Growing outdoor marijuana seeds has many benefits, provided you do it at the ideal location. This article will explain where growing weed outdoors has the best chance of success. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing the Best Spots to Grow Outdoor Marijuana Seeds 

Anyone who wants to grow outdoor cannabis seeds https://askgrowers.com/seeds/outdoor has to consider the local climate. Together with soil and genetics, the weather is a crucial factor if you want to succeed in increasing Cannabis outdoors. Hours of sunlight and temperature are incredibly vital. Marijuana is a tough plant, primarily if grown outdoors in rich soil. Here are other factors to consider when choosing a site to germinate cannabis seeds.

Heat & Light

Growing weed seeds outdoors demands light; lots of sunlight. An ideal spot receives over six hours of direct sunlight each day. That makes balconies or gardens facing the south highly attractive. However, it would be best to avoid hotspots with temperatures above 30°C. Note that areas that appear calm while planting weed seeds for outdoor grow in spring can turn scorching hot in summer. Some shelter and shade provided by trees, shrubs, and fences can help maintain ideal temperatures and offer some protection from wind.


Marijuana plants love a gentle breeze. Having proper ventilation is excellent and prevents mold. Lots of wind tends to dry out soil and plants faster. Additionally, intense summer storms can snap your plants. It means that some protection is vital. You can use a garden fence, a conifer tree, or berry bushes. If you think the weather will worsen, mobile pots will provide advantages over rooted plants in fixed areas. Planting marijuana outdoors is a constant search for balance between temperature and environmental factors supplied by the excellent outdoors.


Having a sufficient water supply is crucial for growing marijuana outdoors. Avoid areas that tend to get hotter and drier during summer. The soil will dry out, and the roots of your plants will be unable to absorb nutrients. It would be best to have a garden hose or watering can for dry periods. If your garden gets too damp, the marijuana roots can begin to rot. If this is the case, you need excellent drainage or a mobile cover or shelter if it keeps pouring for a long.

Although watering a huge marijuana greenhouse or garden daily can be challenging, having an irrigation system makes things effortless.


If you want to grow Cannabis outdoors, they need to be protected even if you’re growing them in a legal area – it’s a highly stolen plant. Investing in a fence can prevent intruders from accessing your crop or any pets. Consider a nice hiding area out of sight but one that gets plenty of sunlight.

It would help if you protected your marijuana plants from snails/slugs and animals. You can scatter snail pellets around the plant’s base.

 A circular chicken wire fence will help stop goats, rabbits, and deer from eating your cannabis plants.

You can plant lemon balm, basil, or dill as companion plants to repel pest insects.

Add Perlite If You Got Clay!

If the starting soil is heavy in clay, add perlite to it to help absorbency, aeration, and drainage. Loosely fill the holes with your planting mix, and don’t over-pack the soil to ensure the weed roots can penetrate through with ease and get excellent air spaces.

Starting Seeds 

Cannabis seeds don’t need any special treatment. However, they’ll germinate faster after soaking them in water for several days before planting. Like most heat-loving plants, it’s wise to start the seeds indoors in a sunny window during spring and then transfer them outdoors after the frost has passed.

Preparing Your Cannabis to Grow Area Outdoors.

Improving soil quality is one of the excellent ways that can help your outdoor marijuana plants thrive. Supermarket fertilizers and compost are easy to purchase and transport to your location of choice. If you can improve your soil quality, you can double your yields. Note that quality fertilizer is costly, but it is worth the cost. Quality fertilizer will give you a healthy plant with massive flowers and improve its flavor profile.

If the location is sufficiently rich, you might not need fertilizer, but adding it will yield great results. You can start with a high-nitrogen fertilizer every month to stimulate vegetative growth, then switch to high phosphorous to promote abundant and dense flowers.

You should visit the location regularly and chop down the surrounding plants, weeds, and bushes so that your plant gets sufficient sunlight. If you have to take water to your garden, it’s vital to ensure there’s a stream nearby. Once your marijuana plants are established in the ground, the only thing remaining is to keep them safe until harvest. 


To do well, marijuana plants require more than six hours of direct sunlight daily and great drainage. Excellent air circulation is vital for preventing fungal diseases. It would be best if you spaced your cannabis plants at least six feet apart. Marijuana plants like their nutrients, so enrich your garden with composted manure. The best period to do this would be a month before planting. Spread at least two inches of compost over the planting location and mix it with the soil. 

Written by Tia Moskalenko. Tia is a Cannabis specialist and writer for AskGrowers.com. She enjoys growing weed and researching on new strains. She has written hundreds of marijuana-related articles and is an expert in the field. 

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