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How Do You Print On Washi Tape ( Washi Tape Printing)

Washi tape printing has a lot of uses in the decoration field. It’s easy to use, but it does have its limitations. If you want to print on washi tape, all you need is a printer and some plain washi tape. Let’s walk through the process together.

How Do You Print On Washi Tape?

Printing on washi tape is a great way to add a personal touch to your stationery and crafts. You can print on washi tape in a few different ways, so you can choose the method that best suits your needs.

You can use a regular printer if you want to print simple designs or text on your washi tape. Just create your design, type out your text, and then print it onto the tape. You can use regular printer paper or washi tape sheets.

Also, You can use a stencil if you want to get more creative with your washi tape printing. First, cut out your stencil from paper or cardstock. Then place the stencil on your washi tape and use a sponge or brush to apply ink or paint over the stencil.

Remove the stencil to reveal your design. Another way to print on washi tape is to use a stamp. You can either use a rubber stamp with ink or a self-inking stamp. Just stamp your design onto the tape and let it dry. Finally, you can use a laser printer to print more complex designs on your washi tape. Just create your design in a program.

Buy Plain Washi Tape.

First, buy plain washi tape. This is because the patterned paper will take a lot of work to print on. Plain washi tape is an excellent choice if you want to create your designs or if you’re looking for a more subdued look. It’s also an excellent option for those who want to print their designs onto washi tape. Choose plain washi tape with these tips:

  1. You’ll want to ensure that the tape is opaque so that your designs will show up clearly.
  2. You’ll want to choose an acid-free and archival tape so that it won’t damage your photos or artwork.
  3. You’ll want to make sure that the tape is removable so that you can reposition it or remove it entirely if you change your mind.

You can get these tapes from the vograce washi tape manufacturer.

Use Program

You can use any program you want as long as you save the file as a PDF or JPEG and load it into your printer by placing the sticky side of the paper on the wrong side of what you’re printing. Some examples of a program are Adobe Photoshop Pro, but most programs will allow you to save in these formats.

Suppose your image is not accessible through one of these methods, like an animated gif. In that case, we recommend opening up the file in another program l before exporting it again so that everything falls into place properly when printed on washi tape.

Use Printer To Print

Then, load the tape into your printer by placing the sticky side of the paper on the wrong side of what you’re printing. For example, to print on washi tape, you’ll need to load it into your printer. Then, place the sticky side of the paper on the wrong side of what you’re printing and apply pressure with a rubber band or piece of tape to keep it in place.

Print from whatever document you have open. Let it dry for a few minutes before peeling off the paper backing and sticking it onto whatever object you desire.

You’ll need to have a few things in mind to print on washi tape. First, you’ll need to choose a document that has been printed out and is ready for use. Suppose you’re using an old paper file folder or scrapbook page as your canvas or just copying text from another source. In that case, this step should be much simpler than trying to create something original.

Suppose some text or other object needs printing onto the back side of the tape itself, such as artwork created by hand drawing with ink pens instead of computer software programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. Then peel off one piece at a time until all sides are covered in ink-soaked adhesive. This process can take multiple attempts if necessary, depending on how much detail is needed on each surface area before proceeding further down towards completion level 1.

Simple Steps To Washi Tape Printing

All you need is a printer, a piece of washi tape, and some patience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to printing on washi tape:

  1. Cut a piece of washi tape to the desired size.
  2. Place the washi tape on your printer’s paper tray.
  3.  Print your design onto the washi tape.
  4. Allow the ink to dry for a few minutes.
  5. Trim the excess washi tape around your design.
  6. And that’s it! You’ve successfully printed on washi tape.

Is Printing On Washi Tape Easy?

Yes, printing on washi tape is easy. You can use a regular printer to print on washi tape. All you need to do is put the tape in the printer and print your design. The print will come out on the tape. You can then cut out the design and use it on your project.

It’s the easiest way to make a poster, and there are many ways to do it. You can print on washi tape using any printer. We recommend an inkjet printer and any image editing software.

You don’t need a special kind of paper or ink. So,  use regular copy paper or whatever kind you like. Printing on washi tape doesn’t require special equipment, either. You can stick your images into the printer like any other piece of paper and watch them appear beautiful!


This article has helped you to understand how to print on washi tape. As long as your object is flat, it should work fine!

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