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Create a Back-Up Plan For Demo Teaching

If you’ve ever conducted a demo teaching session before, you’ve probably noticed that it rarely goes according to plan. Even if the lesson went exactly as you’d hoped, it’s not as bad as you might have feared. After the lesson, you and your students will probably discuss what went well and what could be improved. If you can’t remember what you were planning, create a back-up plan for extension activities.

Before your demonstration, prepare the materials. Regardless of what technology you’re using, always print out a copy of your lesson plan the night before. If you’re incorporating technology into the demonstration, prepare a pen and paper solution, in case the technology fails to work. During the demo, introduce yourself to the class and make them feel comfortable with you. Try to establish rapport with them as much as possible. In this way, they’ll feel that they can trust you.

In addition to having the materials you need for your demonstration, you can also have colleagues observe your session. Your mentor can give you feedback or act as your students. Ask them to act as if they’re your actual students, and ask them questions the same way you would. Then, have them give you feedback on your teaching flow, your physical and verbal tics, and overall performance. These methods can help you refine your demo teaching lessons and get the interview you’re looking for.

Demo lessons are common when you’re working for a school or company. You should ensure that you have a well-prepared classroom, complete with teaching materials. Make sure you laminate vocab cards and buy colour copies of photographs, and you should prepare enough copies for all the attendees. These materials can be re-used, but they make you look professional. And, if you’re posing as a student, make sure you don’t confiscate their cell phones!

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