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Beginner Video Tips for Making Professional Videos

Do you know that more than 80% of people on the internet are now watching videos?

So, if anyone in your family or friends is using the internet, there is a strong likelihood that they are watching a video. And it also makes sense for two important reasons. 

Firstly, videos are easily accessible, and users can spend easily spend more time watching videos. Videos are also golden nuggets for explainer content. Perhaps that’s why video editing studios have cashed in on the opportunity. 

Most people would find it boring to read a blog on how to paint. Rather, they would love to watch a video, especially someone showing them how it’s done. So, videos are invaluable for explainer content. 

Secondly, videos are far more effective than any form of content in engaging and persuading an audience. Primarily, it is due to the presence of human elements on camera. 

Since video marketing is gold, knowing how professional videos are made is worthwhile. You help you learn about making professional videos as a beginner; this guide shares clear and concise instructions. So, follow along!

  • Plan ahead

To nail video making, you need to have a concrete plan. It’s not just playing the record button. So, it would be best if you did much more to make the video stand out. 

  • Set a goal

The first thing that breathes life into a plan is a set of concrete goals. You want to achieve those goals. 

Knowing why you’re making a video will help you do other parts of video-making more effortlessly. You could shoot, edit and finalize your video more effectively, saving yourself a reasonable amount of time and money. 

When setting a goal, you may ask yourself what you intend to achieve with the video. 

Your goal could be anything from creating humor, entertaining the audience, making them visit your site, or responding by buying a product or service. Or you can even shoot a professional video for explainer content. 

  • Know your audience

Know your customer or viewer. Before you get down to start anything, it’s time to define a clear customer persona. 

You want to know your customer better than your competitors. Knowing your audience also allows you to reach them through the right channel. 

  • Research thoroughly

You can’t emphasize the significance of research here. You want to ensure that your video’s topic intrigues your audience more than anything. 

Once you’ve found a good topic, it’s time to finally do some keyword research. Let’s say you’re searching for video editing pricing

You’ll look up the keyword on YouTube or Google. Navigate the top results and see what kind of content they’re offering. 

If you can replicate your competitors, then that might be enough to draw traffic. But, to differentiate, you need to provide more value. 

So, with a bird’s eye view, find out what’s missing. Identify the gap because that’s an opportunity to create valuable content. 

You can also pick a topic out of thin air by following a trend. Content creators make videos around topics that are on the buzz. It gives you easier traction. 

  • Choose the video type

Depending on the content you want to create, you’ll choose the kind of video delivery you need. Knowing how you’ll deliver will also affect shooting, animation, and editing. 

You can choose from a range of options, including live-action, animated, whiteboard, motion graphics, typography, and much more. 

While some video styles may be more suited to professional content delivery, others work wonders for casual delivery. You need to know what works for you. 

  • Paint a picture with a script

After defining your niche and deciding the type of content you want, it’s time to sit and write a script. 

The script can either be verbatim for your speech or give you a clear direction. Scriptwriting may also be used to paint pictures of the scenario. 

If writing is something that makes you uncomfortable, you may use a whiteboard. A series of images or graphics will tell the story and assist you in the video direction. 

  • Pick the best location

A location can mean the difference between scroll-stopping content and dull video. Picking the right location matters. 

A perfect location will breathe life into your video, giving users a great feel. So, the right location will enhance the video’s appeal. 

In-house and outdoor videos are different experiences for the audience. Make sure to know what will work for you and your audience. 

  • Invest in a high-quality camera

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a professional, expensive camera to shoot quality videos. Thanks to the advancement of the mobile camera, you can shoot professional videos with your mobile camera. 

In fact, most content creators now don’t even own professional cameras. Mobile phone cameras are evolving every day. 

It’s more likely that you own a camera phone that has 4K video recording at 60 FPS with video stabilization. That’s enough to do wonders for you with a tripod stand or a selfie stick. 

Most content creators even own iPhone 13 Pro for its excellent camera quality, which equates to a professional camera. 

  • Check for lighting

If you want viewers not to swipe your content off their feed, then lighting is something you must pay attention to. It doesn’t cost anything to check for lighting. 

Too dark or too light is not desirable. Adequate lighting is essential. As a video creator, you can focus on two sources of lighting;

Natural lighting is perfect for beginners. Make sure to shoot on a cloudy day. 

Studio lighting might be well suited to you if your content requires in-house shooting. When shooting indoors, you might need to invest in equipment. 

Wrap Up

As a content creator, you can’t overlook the potential of video content. While video may be super popular, creating content and working behind the camera is daunting. There’s a lot that goes into making professional videos. 

These tips we shared above would help you start as a beginner in video making and would do a load of good to allow you to organize things around.

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