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A short guide for homeowners

The effectiveness of a glass unit usually declines after years of use. When that happens, then the best thing to do is purchase the right glazing which includes single or double glazing. You need to pay a lot of attention to various factors when choosing a glass for your windows, especially if it is for sash windows. One of the best ways to insulate your house from sound and boost heat retention is by double glazing your existing sash windows. So, is single glass beneficial in any way? Continue reading to find out.

Single glazing in timber windows

One thing about single glazing is that they are the most popular for sash windows. It is actually way

cheaper to replace a single glazing than installing a double glazing sash window. Single glazing is

available in many different types as discussed below.

For buildings with architectural value, the windows should have a glass thickness of about 3mm. This type of single glazing is usually installed in areas where alass replacement is not allowed.

The 4mm float glasses are usually very light, a factor that makes it easy for sashes to open and

close. Their level of insulation is also great and your house can even be warmer if the window has a draft protection system. More so, your house security will increase if the glass is broken because the sharp piece will make it nearly impossible for people to climb via the window.

Tinted glass. This type of glass is ideal for buildings or homes that are on the lower floors because it

allows you to hide what is going on in the house. The glass can be textured or patterned.

Tempered glass. This type of single glazed glass is esigned to boost your home security. Although it is more costly, this glass is resistant to physical impact, and thus durable.

Double glazing in timber windows

Ifyou are considering changing your glass unit into a sash using double glazing then draft proofing is necessary. It is not only cost effective but it also you to choose different glazing options.

The 4-16-4mm parameters is currently one of the most popular options on the market. When replacing your sash, the thickness of the new block will be limited to the size of the sash. The glass thickness is determined by glass unit requirements and are available in many different types including patterned, multi-layered and much more. If there is a cavity between layers, you can select a glass that fills it. With the right blend, you will get maximum level of thermal insulation and that is because of the double glazing.

You can also increase the thermal insulation coefficient of your windows by using xenon. When

you use krypton gas, the cavity size will increase by up to 6mm thus improving your windows thermal insulation. You are more likely to encounter some problems when you install brand new wooden double glazing sash windows to a building that is of historical value. The best way to avoid such problems is by using thin double windows.

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