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5 Tips And Tricks For Playing The Slots In Casino

When you are about to play the casino slots, you should give yourself the best chances by learning some crucial tips and tricks. One is to know how the slot machines actually work as there is little strategy involved at all. The machines run on chance yet you can still up your chances of success, even if you cannot improve your luck on such machines. Here are five tips and tricks for playing the slots in the casino.

Choose The Right Slot Machine For You

Find the right slot machine for you as there are several to choose from and each has their own features. It is worth noting that different slot machines have their own themes, bonus features, symbols and soundtracks. You may like the sound of one slot machine over another or prefer the specific Return To Player (RTP) rates. Do your research first as some slot machines have a higher RTP and there are dollar slots to choose from over quarter slots, nickel slots, and penny slots.

Remember that higher denomination slots will mean bigger bets, bigger jackpots, but come with more risk. With so many slot machines, you should be able to find one that fits with your playing goals and your playing personality. For more emphasis on the top jackpots, go for three-reel games. Video slots can be fun, especially with pick ‘em bonuses where you touch the screen for a more modern game.

Choosing the right slot machine may be down to several factors, it may be the one that you have practiced on the most, the one you most enjoy playing, or simply the one you like the look of the most. Weigh it up as you do not want to spend hours on a slot machine that you are not enjoying.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Before you step into the casino, learn how they work so you can gauge your expectations of success. Find out what the quirks are with each free game and maybe try your luck with some bonus rounds to hone your skills. You can still have fun while practicing with some free games, even though you will not win any money. With every free game that you play, you will learn something else and stand a better chance of knowing what to expect when you do step into a casino. 

Play Within Your Budget

A crucial element of enjoying playing the slots in a casino is to play within your budget. Set the amount of money you can be fine losing before you start playing. Write it down and have that piece of paper on you so that you know exactly when to stop spinning those slots. That way, you will know when it is time to stop as you will reach that sum and can step away knowing that you tried and still had fun.

Bet Enough For The Jackpots, Even The Small Ones

Aim for the jackpots which could include the progressive slots which gradually build up over time. These are still fairly rudimentary video slots, apart from the crucial element of the jackpot. What may be of interest to you is the possibility of a life-changing jackpot to some exceedingly lucky players who are randomly selected. 

Slot machines with three reels tend to have one progressive jacket on their top payout. You have to bet maximum coins to be eligible for that jackpot though. Also, you cannot win the progressive jackpot on the three-coin dollar slots if you are only betting one or two coins. Expect the top jackpot combo when it arrives on the payline to be a reduced payout but at a fixed amount.

Of course, the chances of a life-changing jackpot are remote yet if you like the sense of winning then aim for a small jackpot. These have more of a chance of success as they pay out more often even though they are not the big bucks. Though the huge jackpots are tempting, the chances of you winning one are slim. 

Play The Machines At The End Of Rows

This is more of a strategic tip based on how the casino wants to be viewed. As soon as you walk into a casino, the house hopes that you see some winners to entice you to play on the slot machines. The more visible slots will be at the end of the rows so the theory stands that the casino will want them to have more of a chance of a win. This may be more of an old-school trick as modern casinos have bar-coded tickets instead of dropping coins yet it’s still worth bearing in mind.


Before you step into a casino, you should know what to expect from the slot machines. Even though you will be playing free games with no chance of winning money, they can provide a welcome insight into how to play. Take the time to learn certain kinds of slots and find out which matches what you want from the experience. Above all, have fun with it when you do enter the casino and set your budget early so that you do not leave having spent more than you intended to.

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